Charlie Robertson's Diary - Weekend (G40) Warrior

Charlie Robertson's Diary - Weekend (G40) Warrior

Last weekend I thought I’d do something a bit different. I was travelling down south to visit my parents for the first time since moving up to Leeds so I thought “I work for a car manufacturer, what better excuse for a Ginetta road trip?”

After some sweet talking to the guys in the workshop, I got my hands on a G40 GRDC car for the journey, a race car for the road. I am sure you’ve read the hype in the motoring press, but it really is a mega little car.


Not too far removed from the model I won my first Ginetta Championship in back in 2012. Take away the H-pattern gearbox and a few extra ‘finishing touches’ and it really does make you feel as though you’re back on the race track - one with a 70mph limit of course.

On the country roads it’s a whole different beast. With a low centre of gravity and a great power to weight ratio, combined with no power steering or traction control, it gives you a real ‘seat of the pants driving experience’ and is basically the perfect road car for someone like myself.


Those of you who want to get as close to driving a road going race car as possible, look no further. The best bit, you can book for a test drive with me in the passenger seat! What more could you want?


April 11, 2016 by Charlie Robertson
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