A Cuppa Tea With.... Adrian Campbell Smith

A Cuppa Tea With.... Adrian Campbell Smith

Here at Ginetta towers, we get lots of praise for our superb racing drivers and the endless laps of entertainment they provide. Yet, you – the public – often don’t get to find out what’s going on under those race suits and helmets. Okay, so it’s usually fireproof underwear, but what about the drivers themselves, what makes them tick?


So, because we love nothing more than a good chatter over a mug of Yorkshire Tea and some custard creams, we’ve sat our drivers down to ask them a couple of questions which should give you an insight into their lives. Or just entertain you for a minute. Our first commentator is GRDC+ superstar, Adrian Campbell-Smith:


Ginetta: What do you have to set to ‘record’ on your TV when you’re away racing?

Adrian Campbell-Smith: My TV merrily records GP3, GP2, or WEC if it is on while I am away; otherwise something else from MotorsTV (before it went off air).


G: Who would play you in a film about your life?

ACS: Hugh Laurie – when I was a youngster my friends used to say we looked alike.  That was before his US TV superstardom of course.


G: Who’s the most exciting person that follows you on Twitter?

ACS: Nobody follows me on Twitter.  Awww.


G: Do you have any pre-race rituals?

ACS: My newest pre-race ritual is to soak my undershirt and helmet liner in the Want2Race team’s ice bucket!  That and remember to put my earplugs in – I recommend this for all drivers.


G: What’s been the hairiest moment behind the wheel of a race car or go-kart?

ACS: Turning into Maggots at Silverstone in race one 2016, when I couldn’t see any of the cars in front, nor either edge of the track, let alone such racing luxuries as the apex – all I had was a fog of spray.