Throwback Thursday - Ginetta 1997

Remember when your mum used to show you old photos of ‘back in the day’? Well luckily for us, when Protyre Motorsport Ginetta GT5 Challenge Morgan Quinn and his mum Clare were flicking through their family album, they only went and spotted this little beauty.

Here’s a photo of Morgan’s dad David racing at Donington Park back in July of 1996 and look what they spotted in the background; only the old Ginetta race centre. Needless to say, we’re glad our hospitality has improved since the 1990’s, although we wonder if those nice white planters are still knocking about.


Throwback Thursday – Paul O’Neill vs. Ginetta G40

Throwback Thursday – Paul O’Neill vs. Ginetta G40

As you can imagine, the archive cupboard at Ginetta towers is a lot like Aladdin’s cave. Yesterday, when we had finished watching the LMP1 Wind Tunnel Video over and over again, we decided to give our eyeballs a rest, grab a cup of Yorkshire Tea and have a poke around some of our coverage files from years gone by.


Imagine our surprise when we found one half of everyone’s favourite ITV Sport commentary duo staring back at us from a 2010 page of Motorsport News. It was only real-life racing river Paul O’Neill. Now, our good friend Owy never misses a trick when it comes to taking the Mickey out of his nearest and dearest, so first and foremost our eye was drawn to his rather serious-looking headshot, which we’ve helpfully zoomed in to for your viewing pleasure here.

Jokes aside, we were delighted to see that Ginetta G40 was still absolutely bang on the money in terms of ‘smiles per mile’ back in 2010 as it does today. We can’t quite believe it’s been seven whole years since this test day, but we reckon if we got Paul back behind the wheel of a G40 he would still love it.


Speaking of which , how do you guys think he’d get on in one of the Ginetta Junior races he loves so dearly?