If you thought our GT3 car was cool, wait until you see it in hill climb mode.

If you thought our GT3 car was cool, wait until you see it in hill climb mode.

The Ginetta G55 GT3 car is a regular on the British GT grid, but when José Antonio Aznar told us he wanted one to go hillclimbing, we couldn’t help but get a little bit excited. Quite right we were too, as he’s only gone and picked up a podium on his debut!

Taking on the Ubrique Benaocaz hillclimb is no mean feat, however, it seems to be a favourite of the Ginetta, with Mike Anderson having taken on the challenge just a few years ago. José got to grips with the car quickly, finding that with a front engine and very efficient aerodynamics it asked asks for a driving style totally different from his previous machine.

Although he didn’t get much running on Saturday due to several on-track incidents, José went into his second ever run on the course and set a time worthy of fourth place. The next day – and feeling rather confident - José improved his previous time by more than four seconds to cross the finish line with a great 2:26.317 lap, putting him second and just a second behind the leader.

Finishing third by the end of the weekend, José is feeling confident in the huge potential of the car. He hopes to prove the G55 GT3 as a very competitive hill climber and the ideal weapon to fight for the Spanish Championship.  Next step on this mission is at Falperra at the beginning of May and where he will arrive leading the overall classification of Category 3.

April 26, 2017 by Ruth Harrison
We Are Ginetta - Prepare To Mo' Tomorrow

We Are Ginetta - Prepare To Mo' Tomorrow

The LNT Group will kick off their 2017 Movember efforts tomorrow morning and below are three examples of ways in which we will be raising both money and awareness for the charity.

We are really keen to expand our We Are Ginetta Movember team, so if you are doing ANYTHING to raise money this month, drop us a line via pr[AT]Ginetta.com or donate and / or join the team at the following link: http://moteam.co/we-are-ginetta


Leigh Ellis, Director of LNT Software.

I'll get the ball rolling (no pun intended) as part of the LNT Group efforts. I’ve previously grown the facial fuzz, but this year I’m going to be a part of the Move for Movember campaign.

Considering I haven't been in the gym for about a year, it’s about time I got myself back in the game. With that in mind, I’m signing myself up for a 1958 challenge to celebrate the year Ginetta was founded, and will do 1,958 push ups in November! Watch this space.


Matt Lowe, LNT Group CEO.

Bringing the fight to Ellis is our group CEO Matt Lowe. He’s never one to shy away from a challenge and gets involved in every single one of the Group’s fundraising activities. The Group motivator has put his money where his mouth is this Movember and has pledged to ascend 1,958m on his bike. That is the equivalent of climbing Scafell Pike twice!

He said of his efforts; “ I’ll be burning lots of calories so, as usual, all confectionary donations also gratefully received...” – standard Lowe.


Ruth Harrison, Ginetta PR & Marketing Executive

My father recently overcame prostate cancer, so to raise money for Movember, I’ve roped in my BFF Lo Parsons to launch ‘Operation Dash In A Tash’.

Together, we have set a benchmark time for how long it takes us to run 800m and will be training throughout November to improve our fitness levels before we try to beat our benchmarks LIVE on Talk Radio with our celebrity bezzi M, Andy Jaye.


Move For Movember. Operation Dash In A Tash Is GO!

Move For Movember. Operation Dash In A Tash Is GO!

As Ginetta HQ prepares for Movember, we have seen our first ‘move for Movember’ challenge get underway. Our PR & Marketing Executive Ruth Harrison has challenged herself to complete laps of the Talk Radio studio (read on for a sensible explanation) as part of team We Are Ginetta. Below, she explains….

Given my inability to grow any form of facial hair worth writing about, I contacted my buddy Andy Jaye at Talk Radio to ask if he would be up for setting me a ‘Move for Movember’ challenge, which we could co-promote using the power of the airwaves.

He came up with the idea of me taking on an 800m running challenge which involved in completing said distance in as short a time possible. We agreed to set a benchmark time prior to the start of November, and then see how I was getting on mid-November.

To make things interesting, we decided to make the 800m sprint into a challenge. Ginetta vs. The Motor Show. I would be representing Ginetta whilst Lo Parsons, our very own ‘weekend warrior’ who works as Championship Assistant during BTCC events would represent The Motor Show.

Adding an extra level of competition were our newly recruited ‘personal trainers’ -  I managed to rope in multiple Ginetta Champion and Sir Chris Hoy’s ELMS winning teammate from 2015, Ginetta factory driver Charlie Robertson, whilst Lo would be trained by Richard Jones from the Ord Academy in Godalming, Personal Trainer of the Year 2015.

So, Sunday 16 October was the day we set our benchmark time. On our way to Donington Park – the venue for Day One - both myself and Lo decided it would be a good charity challenge, but we wouldn’t go ‘mad’ on trying to become Mo Farrah. That was until we set our times.

Now, when I saw the course, I’ll admit, I thought “easy”. I’ve been doing Gillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred for a good year now and I feel fairly fit. How wrong I was. 800m took me a colossal 4m 14s, with Lo only doing marginally better with a 3m 43s effort – and after it, we had to stop for a coffee and some cake.

So, on the way home, we made a pact to take this ‘really, flipping seriously’ and make sure to improve our own personal fitness. What we had entered into thinking would be ‘a bit of a laugh; suddenly got serious. So much so that two training sessions in 24 hours later and I’ve got some pretty big blisters on my feet.

I popped into the gym today and managed to ‘cover’ – I say cover, as it was a mix of running and power walking – 3km in 25 minutes exactly. A worse ratio than my benchmark efforts, but I’ll be blogging whether or not I actually managed to bring that number down over the course of the challenge.

So, if you were thinking about joining us for Movember, whether it be as a tache’ grower or a fitness fiend, do share your efforts with us so we can share in shouting about our progress.

Join our Movember team (or make a donation) by clicking here.

That Time Steven Dailly Won A Bet To Race In A Ginetta....

That Time Steven Dailly Won A Bet To Race In A Ginetta....

We love a good feel good story here at Ginetta HQ, and our ‘friend off the telly’ (hello namedroppers) Richard John Neil told us this wonderful story about a man named Steven Dailly recently. We loved it so much, we wanted to share the news with you.

So, Stephen, a 24 year old racing driver from Edinburgh (and reigning Scottish BMW Compact Cup champion) won, yes, won the chance to race a Ginetta G55 GT4 car at Knockhill a few weeks ago, and the way he found himself on the grid was an interesting one. Here’s Steven’s story…..

“It all started as a challenge. British GT driver Phil Dryburgh, of Production Glassfibre, said he would let me drive the car if I won all 16 rounds of the Scottish BMW Compact Cup. Phil was competing in the series and we had been talking about my future plans.

It was an amazing offer but a small part of me did not think it would happen even when I clinched that clean sweep, but Phil was as good as his word and I can’t thank him enough. We had a look at a couple of options but reckoned the Super Touring Car meeting at Knockhill was perfect. I knew the track and there would be a home crowd – and what a crowd it was. We definitely picked the best weekend for it.

I saw the Ginetta for the first time on the Friday. I was just blown away by it. Just sitting in the car took me back to my karting days. The obvious difference was the paddle shift gears. I wasn’t used to them but I got to grips with them fairly quickly. The biggest smile came from the speed of the car – it was stunningly fast.

I settled in quite quickly. I had my usual team around me from KC Motorsports – who handle the BMW – and the Ginetta was run by CW Motorsport. They did an amazing job all weekend and it was a real honour to work with them. They made sure I was happy in the car and we were able to work together to get the car just how I wanted it.

The first session went as well as I could have hoped. I am no stranger to speed and I know the track – it was just getting used to the aerodynamics and the grip. They were phenomenal and it took me a while to work out how far I could push that.

The Ginetta is a proven package and it is easy to see why. It is a good, solid car that is great fun to drive. Qualifying gave me the first chance to show what the car could do and I put it on pole with a 53-second lap which is really fast for a Ginetta at Knockhill and I was delighted with that.

I still felt I was learning. It would be my first race start and it showed. I didn’t get off the line too well and was down in fifth place but then I just got on with the job of driving the car and enjoying myself as well. There were a lot of faster cars out there, but the Ginetta had the grip and the braking to make a difference. I managed to claw back a few places and finished in second.

I got a much better start in the next race. I was second for a few laps then managed to pass Finlay Crocker and take the lead. I held it there and just kept it nice and smooth and got the win.

It was a completely different experience to driving my BMW. I didn’t have to fight the car at all and I actually found it easier to drive than the BMW. I made a lot less mistakes and I took to it very quickly. The car just suited me really well.

I had hoped to do the GT5 Challenge anyway but now I have driven its bigger brother and you can’t go back, can you? You drive this car once and you just want to drive it again but it is a bigger budget. That said, it is definitely one of options and I would be delighted to race it again.”

September 28, 2016 by Ruth Harrison