Sponsorship: Ginetta proved the perfect fit for Gorilla Socks

Sponsorship: Ginetta proved the perfect fit for Gorilla Socks

Here at Ginetta towers we realise that for many of our drivers, sponsorship is key to setting their racing career in motion. We often get asked about what’s ‘in it’ for sponsors, so we decided to track one down and find out for ourselves.

It was a tough call to decide who to speak to. Luckily for us, the decision was made after seeing Gorilla Socks emblazoned on James Townsend’s Ginetta Racing Drivers Club car at Rockingham. We had to know more.

We got in touch with Gavin Kamara, Chief Sock Officer at Gorilla Socks and asked him to tell us more about the brand, and why the GRDC proved a fantastic marketing outlet for his products.

“Back in November 2016 when we launched Gorilla-Socks we were approached by James Townsend of Townsend Racing to provide some cool, colourful bamboo fibre socks for his maiden year in the Ginetta Racing Drivers Club with one catch – they had to be fire retardant! Unfortunately, we were unable to make fireproof socks but we were excited by the prospect to get involved with James and such a renowned British brand as Ginetta.

We are working with some high-performance athletes in the PGA and NFL and saw James as a great fit. He appreciated what we are doing to support gorilla conservation (hence Gorilla Socks!) through our partnership with The Dian Fossey Fund and wanted to help raise our profile through his racing – donating some space for our logo on his Ginetta G40! We donate proceeds from every pair of socks to the Fossey Fund so this increased exposure is a real help.    

So why do we use bamboo fibre for our socks? Aside from being the most eco-friendly and fastest growing plant on the planet, bamboo uses 1/3 of the amount of water required by cotton. The fibre is luxuriously soft, yet stronger than cotton and it’s thermoregulating – keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter! Check out our homepage for more benefits.

We would like to wish James and all the other drivers the best of luck this season!”

If you thought our GT3 car was cool, wait until you see it in hill climb mode.

If you thought our GT3 car was cool, wait until you see it in hill climb mode.

The Ginetta G55 GT3 car is a regular on the British GT grid, but when José Antonio Aznar told us he wanted one to go hillclimbing, we couldn’t help but get a little bit excited. Quite right we were too, as he’s only gone and picked up a podium on his debut!

Taking on the Ubrique Benaocaz hillclimb is no mean feat, however, it seems to be a favourite of the Ginetta, with Mike Anderson having taken on the challenge just a few years ago. José got to grips with the car quickly, finding that with a front engine and very efficient aerodynamics it asked asks for a driving style totally different from his previous machine.

Although he didn’t get much running on Saturday due to several on-track incidents, José went into his second ever run on the course and set a time worthy of fourth place. The next day – and feeling rather confident - José improved his previous time by more than four seconds to cross the finish line with a great 2:26.317 lap, putting him second and just a second behind the leader.

Finishing third by the end of the weekend, José is feeling confident in the huge potential of the car. He hopes to prove the G55 GT3 as a very competitive hill climber and the ideal weapon to fight for the Spanish Championship.  Next step on this mission is at Falperra at the beginning of May and where he will arrive leading the overall classification of Category 3.

April 26, 2017 by Ruth Harrison